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🔺 Crypto Factory Mining, The software goes through hundreds of millions of these combinations. After he finds a wallet with a crypto on it, he gives you a 12 word mnemonic phrase from that exact wallet.

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What is it?


🔺 Every wallet has a 12-WORD MNEMONIC PHRASE, it’s like a back up code so you can enter to your wallet through any device or crypto wallet application.

🔺 These words are automatically generated by a special algorithm when you create a wallet through any crypto wallet app.

🔺 THE GOAL OF OUR SOFTWARE is to generate this 12 words by a specific algorithm, restore the wallet using it and check for coins on it (BTC, ETH, BNB and etc.)

🔺 The software goes through hundreds of millions of these combinations. After he finds a wallet with a crypto on it, he gives you a 12 word mnemonic phrase from that exact wallet.

⁉️ And WHAT YOU NEED TO DO with it?

1️⃣ Using the received mnemonic phrase, you can log into this wallet using the Trust Wallet application (Or Exodus, Metamask, Trustee and others).

2️⃣ You will get full access to the cryptocurrency on this wallet and will be able to transfer it anywhere, to your wallet or to the exchange (Binance, Coinbase and any other).

3️⃣ That’s it, enjoy the profit! 💰💰💰


Why do we sell our software? 🤔

✅ I hope this part will help you understand that our software is not a trap 🪤, it’s a road to your new wealthy life!

millions of wallets

There is millions of wallets, with billions $ of crypto on them. It’s impossible to hack them all even in 1000 years no matter how many machines I will use. So I’m giving others this opportunity.

don't earn less

We don't earn less because you use our software, but we charge from your subscriptions, so our income increases. We have 800+ active clients, you can count by yourself how much a month is it 😉

hundreds of people use the software

Since hundreds of people use the software, we can fix bugs faster and more efficiently, add useful features and improve the software with the help of customers.


💻 The ONLY difference – in the number of blockchains you will use to search for forgotten wallets

⏩ With 1 BLOCKCHAIN, you can pick any available blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Solana, Tron, Binance Coin,  Ripple, Doge or Ton Coin

⏩ With 2-8 BLOCKCHAINS, you can select any of 2-8 blockchains respectively to your subscription for searchings

9 BLOCKCHAINS is a full pack subscription with access to ALL available blockchains for searchings!

🚀 How to buy the crypto factory software?

In the website of Crypto Factory Software, every stage of your purchasing process is fully automated, ensuring precision and speed.

Remarkably, each transaction is completed in under five minutes! To facilitate your entry into the world of wallet mining, we’ve provided a video below.

This video is designed to help you understand our streamlined process, offering clear guidance on how to navigate our wallet mining platform efficiently.

By watching the video, you will gain valuable insights into the seamless integration of advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces at Crypto Factory!

This approach not only saves time but also increases the reliability of each transaction. Get ready to embark on a swift and efficient purchasing journey with us.

I say again, All your purchasing steps at Crypto Factory are done automatically, accurately, and quickly in less than 5 minutes!


Choose your Subscription


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Two Blockchains


Three Blockchains


Four Blockchins


Five Blockchains


Six Blockchains


Seven Blockchins


Eight Blockchains


Nine Blockchains


⏰ How often we usually get wallets?

➡️ I always say that the frequency depends on HOW MANY BLOCKCHAINS YOU USE – the more you use, chances to find something are higher.

Also, the number of devices you use matters. The more, the better. The license is issued for 1 pc, but each additional PC in the license costs only $200, regardless of the number of blockchains in the license.

🔻Let’s say, you’re using one device.

1 blockchains will give you about 1-2 wallets per week.

2-5 blockchains will give you about 3-5 wallets per week.

If you have 6-9 blockchains, you can expect 6-10+ wallets per week.


💰Withdrawing funds from software is the most enjoyable thing in the world.

🖥 JUST A FEW CLICKS and the money is in my account. Who would refuse it?


Trusted by over 20000 people around the world


Sheila Carter


In this part I’ll explain the difference between blockchains and the difference between the packages we offer for purchase

There are currently 9 blockchains available in the program:

📶 BITCOIN: not many wallets, but they can be very large since the bitcoin exchange rate is very high, and if 10 years ago 1 bitcoin was not worth anything, now it is thousands of dollars!

🔹 ETHEREUM: Popular cryptocurrency, it finds more wallets, but they can be small, the advantage of Ethereum blockchain is that it has a very big amount of other coins, and besides ETH we can find other coins, like dogecoin, shiba etc.

🪙 LITECOIN: The advantage of this blockchain is low commissions and it is not rare to find good wallets, in general it is an old blockchain and there are a lot of forgotten wallets

🔸 BNB: This is a young but popular blockchain, there are many projects on it and we can get cool results using it in searches!

🪙 SOLANA: A blockchain with lots of users and lots of forgotten wallets of different sizes. I recommend everyone to buy it!

🔴 TRON: This coin is used by most people for online payments and very often they send coins to the wrong place, large wallets are not rare (most of USDT is on TRON blockchain)

🪙 RIPPLE: Same as Litecoin, coz it’s also low commissions and a lot of wallets, coz it’s an old blockchain

🐶 DOGE: I think everyone knows it! Not so profitable, all wallets usually with low balances, but hits pretty often

🪙 TON: Telegram crypto, which is hyping now. It was very interesting to build a software for this crypto. Results are unstable so do not recommend it for the start.

  All 9 blockchains are great 💰

Crypto Factory Bot is Revolutionizing Crypto Mining with Bot Technology

In the realm of cryptocurrency mining, efficiency and precision are paramount. This is where crypto mining bot, cf mining bot, robot mining crypto, bot mining crypto, crypto mining robot, and mining bot crypto come into play. These sophisticated algorithms have become the backbone of operations for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

At the forefront of this technological evolution is Crypto Factory Mining. This groundbreaking software harnesses the power of advanced algorithms to streamline the mining process like never before.

Power of Automation with crypto mining bot

Crypto Factory Mining is not your typical mining software; it’s a game-changer. By employing cutting-edge crypto mining bot technology, it sifts through vast pools of data, meticulously scanning for viable mining opportunities.

Mining the Crypto by cf mining bot

The cf mining bot software’s primary objective is clear: to decode the intricate world of cryptocurrency wallets and unearth hidden treasures. Utilizing its algorithmic prowess, Crypto Factory Mining navigates through millions of wallet combinations, seeking out wallets adorned with various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and more.

Your Gateway to Crypto Wealth

Once a wallet with crypto holdings is detected, Crypto Factory Mining springs into action, furnishing you with a 12-word mnemonic phrase specific to that wallet. This phrase serves as your golden key, granting access to the riches within.

Maximizing Potential: What You Can Achieve

Armed with the mnemonic phrase provided, you unlock a world of possibilities:

1. Seamless Access: Utilize the mnemonic phrase to effortlessly log into the wallet via popular crypto wallet applications like Trust Wallet, Exodus, Metamask, and Trustee.

2. Complete Control: Gain full access to the cryptocurrency stored within the wallet, empowering you to transfer funds to your personal wallet or preferred exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase.

3. Profit Awaits: With access secured, sit back, relax, and watch as your crypto assets grow. Enjoy the fruits of your mining endeavors and bask in the glory of newfound profits.

In conclusion, Crypto Factory Mining stands as a beacon of innovation in the crypto mining landscape. With its potent blend of automation, precision, and profitability, it paves the way for a new era of crypto mining excellence. Embrace the future of mining today with Crypto Factory.

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